First snow of the season

Happy Holidays everyone!


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Family photo session in Great Falls Virginia

Super bright day so I had to use flash & reflector to counter balance very dark shadows. Poor caterpillar was exhausted towards the end of the photo session.





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Hair salon photo session

1-hour photo session for a hair salon in Herndon, Virginia.  The cute little girls were shy, but after chitchatting with them about Barbies and Princesses we were best buddies.  On the adults side, one of the models had good eye reflects to detect the strobe flash.  I've never seen anything like it.  Her eyes were closed on every shot.  I've tried a couple things and finally decided to turn off TTL on my flashes and figured out manually how much lighting I needed for the photos.  That did the trick, everything went really well after that!




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Ice hockey morning clinic in Rockville Maryland

I went to my first goalie lesson early morning on the 4th of July. After my class I stayed to watch and learn from this talented Junior player from Minnesota. And yes, I had my camera with me :)
Notice the technical skills of this 6-foot tall kid!



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Outdoor family photos

Went to a park in Alexandria, VA for a photo session. The weather was perfect and lighting was nicely diffused because it was a little bit overcast. My lovely assistant/wife helped me holding a silver reflector. The kids had fun playing in the water, making giant bubbles, and catching some fish. The session went really well.









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Volunteer Firefighters - LCFR

My co-worker is a volunteer firefighter for Loudoun County and had mentioned that there will be a volunteer firefighters graduation with live burns to test their skills. I went and took some shots this past Saturday. It was intense seeing all the action ... pretty neat experience! The folks on site were thankful that I took pictures for the event. It was nothing compare to what volunteer firefighters go through. They are donating their time and making our community a safer place to live. Thanks to you guys.



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Photography for all occasions in Northern Virginia

Hello Friends and New Visitors!

I’m excited to be sharing some favorites from my photography portfolio with you. Feel free to share your comments!

It’s my pleasure to offer photography services for all occasions including, formal and casual portraits, weddings, graduation celebrations and other special events, commercial (advertisement etc.), families, pets and general occasions - and my extensive collection of stock photos.

My work is ongoing and frequent photo sessions keep this site ever-changing - so come back often! Also, if you are interested in receiving automatic updated blog entries you can use the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feature - just click on Subscribe RSS at the bottom of any page and follow the instructions.

Thanks for visiting my online portfolio! I look forward to reading and responding to your posts!

All my best,

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